ESET Internet Security/ESET NOD32 AntiVirus v12.0.27.0 x86/x64 多语言中文正式版

ESET Internet Security/ESET NOD32 AntiVirus v12.0.27.0 x86/x64 多语言中文正式版

ESET NOD32 是全球知名的防病毒软件。ESET NOD32防病毒软件获得AV-Comparatives测试机构“2006年度最佳反病毒产品” 和“2007年度最佳反病毒产品”。同时,ESET NOD32防病毒软件已连续51次通过VB100测试,位居其他同行产品之前列。除此之外,ESET NOD32防病毒软件还在其他许多方面都屡获殊荣,包括前摄性侦测测试、多态病毒测试、误报测试、扫描速度测试等等。可以对邮件进行实时监测,占用内存资源较少,清除病毒的速度效果都令人满意!

ESET Smart Security Premium/ESET Internet Security/ESET NOD32 AntiVirus v11.2.63.0 正式版-简体中文/繁体中文/英文

ESET贴心防护,让您安全畅游网路世界!ESET NOD32 防病毒软件 11.1 正式版迎来小幅更新,最新详细版本号v11.1.42.0,此次安装包为多国语言版,包含简体中文。11.1版本主要加入了UEFI Bootkits防御保护层,可以扫描支持UEFI的固件设备.

ESET NOD32 防病毒软件以“轻、快、狠、准”而闻名,全球唯一通过26次VB100%测试的权威防病毒软件,高据众产品之榜首!ESET NOD32 安全杀毒软件设计了一个高效的内核,作为单独的、高度优化的引擎,提供统一的安全保护,防止不断的更新病毒、蠕虫、间谍程序的恶意攻击。ESET NOD32 拥有先进的ThreatSense技术,可通过对恶意代码进行分析,实时侦测未知的病毒,让您时刻走在病毒编写者的前面。

ESET NOD32软件特点:


单独地运行病毒、黑客软件、广告插件和间谍软件的防护程序会拖慢您的计算机,并难于进行管理,必将带来安全问题。小心那些臃肿的互联网安全套装,它会占用您计算机数百兆的空间。它们的存在是因为商家把现有的产品捆绑在一起。相反, ESET NOD32则设计了一个高效的内核,作为一个单独的、高度优化的引擎,提供统一的安全保护,防止不断的更新病毒、蠕虫、间谍程序的恶意攻击。ESET NOD32拥有先进的ThreatSense ®技术(专利申请中),可通过对恶意代码进行分析,实时侦测未知的病毒,让您时刻走在病毒编写者的前面。

ESET Internet Security/ESET NOD32 AntiVirus v12.0.27.0 多语言中文正式版


ESET NOD32节约内存和硬盘上的资源,让它们为更重要的应用服务, 本软件只有11M,平均占用23M的内存(根据检测状态会有变化)。Threatsense®每次更新(包括启发式逻辑和病毒特征码)通常都只有20KB到50KB左右。选择ESET NOD32将更加有效。

ESET Internet Security/ESET NOD32 AntiVirus v12.0.27.0 多语言中文正式版


强大的安全防护绝不拖慢计算机。ESET NOD32是用大量的汇编语言编写而成,因其最快的侦测速度和高效的查杀能力而连续地获奖,平均比其竞争对手快3到34倍(源自: Virus Bulletin)。选择ESET NOD32可提升您的计算机性能。

ESET Internet Security/ESET NOD32 AntiVirus v12.0.27.0 多语言中文正式版


ESET NOD32会自动进行自我更新,如果您是个人使用或是家庭办公的话,您根本不用去管理它。对于大型企业,我们提供了强大的远程分布式的网络管理,管理员可以集中部署、安装、监测和管理成千上万的ESET NOD32工作站和服务器。 最小影响和最快的速度可以得到的最好的保护。ESET NOD32能够多层次地保护你的组织,在桌面、文件服务器和邮件网关。都能为您提供最佳的解决方案。


启发式是最有效的安全保护,病毒程序的防护必须要在其对计算机造成影响前实时地进行。那些时刻等待着病毒特征库更新的防毒软件会给攻击打开一扇窗,稍不留神就有可能给您造成灾难性的后果。ESET NOD32则凭借其ThreatSense ®技术,将会关闭这扇窗,而不像大部分依靠特征库更新的防毒软件。


Added: Referral program
Improved: Activation wizard improvements
Improved: Security Reports and Unlock Tool
Fixed: Minor functional and localization bugs


Fixed: Webcam is not detected by Webcam Protection on Windows 10 RS4
Fixed: Antitheft Protection crashes during attempt to disable
Fixed: Issues with Wi-Fi connected to public access point
Fixed: Debugger not functioning

Added: Security reports under “Tools” section
Added: Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) in License Manager for improved license association security
Added: Forgot my password functionality
Added: Sign up for directly in the product
Changed: Anti-theft sign-in screen displays instead of create account screen
Improved: User experience for License Manager
Fixed: Offline updates do not offer the latest version
Fixed: Help pages for all “Device warning” messages are missing after running a Connected Home Monitor scan
Fixed: Unable to change product if “Require full administrator rights for limited accounts” is disabled
Fixed: Various functional and localization bugs

Changed: Initial Scan scans all local drives
Fixed: GUI does not start when user logs off and on
Fixed: GUI constantly displays single file Context scans as “In-progress”
Fixed: Real-time file system protection does not run automatically after temporary pause
Fixed: Unable to lock decrypted virtual drive or USB
Fixed: JAWS Log filtering window does not read properly
Fixed: Various internal and localization bugs


  • Added: UEFI scanning option (Boot sectors/UEFI) added to Computer scan
  • Added: Additional Diagnostics setting for advanced license logging under Diagnostics folder
  • Added: Updated Banking and Payment Protection module to support Chrome version 64
  • Added: Operating system information is displayed for some devices types by Connected Home Monitor
  • Added: Ability to manually remove devices identified by Connected Home Monitor
  • Added: Ability to manually specify categories of devices in Connected Home Monitor
  • Added: Screen reader support for Offline and Live installers
  • Improved: Security via more frequent update checks for detection engine and modules
  • Improved: Product installation time reduced
  • Improved: ESET application status reporting
  • Improved: Various activation improvements to decrease activation failures
  • Changed: Anti-Ransomware Protection renamed to Ransomware Shield
  • Fixed: “Update has not been run yet” is displayed after ESET is already updated
  • Fixed: Antimalware Scan Interface Integration fails after installation and before restart (Win 10×64 16215)
  • Fixed: All default tasks are reset after running repair
  • Fixed: Blue screen error (BSOD) caused by stack overflow
  • Fixed: Advanced setup menu is corrupted after clicking Default
  • Fixed: After changing a check box value, text is not read by JAWS
  • Fixed: The URL for “I forgot my password” is incorrect
  • Fixed: Cannot select items in context menu
  • Fixed: Various minor bugs and localization improvements

Version 11.0.159.X

  • Changed: The user no longer needs to deselect a check box during installation to install the product to a custom folder
  • Changed: Updated LiveGrid status reporting so that yellow status is now not shown until a network connection is unavailable for 10 minutes
  • Fixed: BSOD may occur during clean install with installed MS kb4073291 on Windows 10 RS3
  • Fixed: The Update window does not refresh after downloading a 3rd party installer
  • Fixed: Device Control does not activate
  • Fixed: Exclusions are not accepted during the initial scan that is made after installing
  • Fixed: The scrollbar does not display in the Update window
  • Fixed: Banking & Payment Protection does not show “Protected by ESET” when using the latest Firefox browser
  • Fixed: Various internal and localization bugs


  • Added: Scanning of process file-system operations made by pico processes
  • Changed: License expiration messages do not display as Windows toast messages
  • Fixed: An issue that causes files hidden in long directories not to be scanned
  • Fixed: Specific notifications reappear after being closed
  • Fixed: EGUI does not start after initial installation and restart
  • Fixed: The link to “I forgot my password” from License Manager tab leads to incorrect webpage
  • Fixed: Automatic Gamer mode does not work properly when Internet Explorer 11 is changed to full screen mode
  • Fixed: Offline installer for ESET Internet Security installs the wrong product
  • Fixed: “Invalid folder selected” is displayed when selecting a custom install folder, even though the folder exists
  • Fixed: Inconsistent update information is displayed during product upgrade
  • Fixed: Incorrect ESET Firewall state reported to Windows Defender Security Center
  • Fixed: Various internal bug fixes and localization improvements


  • Fixed: Unable to change protection state using keyboard
  • Fixed: Unable to select Region during License Key registration
  • Fixed: “Anti-Theft has been successfully disabled” message appears after changing the device name
  • Fixed: Username and password data for Updater go missing after product activation
  • Fixed: Gamer Mode does not work in Manual mode
  • Fixed: Various localization issues
  • Fixed: Various internal bugs

加入针对UEFI bootkits的附加保护层,可以扫描支持UEFI的固件设备;
加入UEFI扫描支持,UEFI Rootkit防止非法访问UEFI区段防御UEFI攻击
em018为用户模块 em018k是内核模块

– Improvements to quarantine
– Reworked  email notification coding options
– Reworked application statuses
– Improvements to Anti-Theft
– WSC handling for PCU updates improved
– New messaging added for WSC registration

NOD32 用户名和密码转换许可证密钥网站



ESET Smart Security Premium v12.0.27.0 x86/64

ESET Smart Security v12.0.27.0 x86/x64

ESET NOD32 Antivirus v12.0.27.0 x86/x64

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