WinHex v19.6 SR-6/19.7 X86 多语言中文版-16进制编辑器

WinHex v19.6 SR-6/19.7 X86 多语言中文版-16进制编辑器

WinHex是一款16进制编辑器。WinHex专门设计来对付数据恢复、低级数据处理、计算机取证、以及 IT 安全性等各种日常紧急情况的高级工具.可以用它来检查和修复各种文件、硬盘损坏、恢复删除文件、数码相机卡损坏造成的数据丢失等。软件支持Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/Win7/8/8.1/2012/Win10, 32 Bit/64 Bit*

WinHex v19.6 SR-6/19.7 X86 多语言中文版-16进制编辑器

Winhex 主要功能:
硬盘, 软盘, CDROM 和 DVD, ZIP, Smart Media, Compact Flash, 等磁盘编辑器…
支持 FAT, NTFS, Ext2/3, ReiserFS, Reiser4, UFS, CDFS, UDF 文件系统
支持对磁盘阵列 RAID 系统和动态磁盘的重组、分析和数据恢复
可分析 RAW 格式原始数据镜像文件中的完整目录结构,支持分段保存的镜像文件
数据解释器, 已知 20 种数据类型
使用模板编辑数据结构 (例如: 修复分区表/引导扇区)
磁盘克隆 (可在 DOS 环境下使用 XWays Replica)
驱动器镜像和备份 (可选压缩或分割成 650 MB 的档案)
程序接口 (API) 和脚本
256 位 AES 加密, 校验和, CRC32, 哈希算法 (MD5, SHA1, …)
可导入剪贴板所有格式数据, 包括 ASCII、16 进制数据
可进行 2 进制、16 进制 ASCII, Intel 16 进制, 和 Motorola S 转换
支持打开大于 4 GB 的文件,非常快速,容易使用。

19.7 SR-1: 更新记录:
* Ability to open certain fragmented files in APFS that could not be opened previously (that were just presented with no contents available or lead to further errors).
* Some extended attributes in APFS are now shown as information in the Metadata column, if suitable, others not at all, depending on the same volume snapshot settings as previously just for HFS+.
* Prevented unnecessary output of messages and further fixed the new “Convert RTF e-mail bodies to plain UTF-8” option.
* Fixed an exception error that could occur when overriding the detected sector size of raw images.
* Fixed inability to correctly embed multiple attached e-mail messages with file attachments in certain single parent .eml files for the Recover/Copy command or the case report.
* Fixed incomplete HTML representation of $UsnJrnl:$J.

SR-6: 更新记录:
* Fixed extraction of e-mails from MBOX e-mail archives in v19.6 without .eml extension in the name.
* Fixed a rare error where certain attachment names in a original .eml files and a few other formats could be truncated if encoded in Quoted Printable.
* If a logical search was run in encrypted/protected PDF documents with the crash-safe decoding option without having checked for encryption prior to that, the search would have been unsuccessful even if the right password was provided. That was fixed.

WinHex 19.6 SR-3 更新记录:

* Fixed a potential source of instability when populating the gallery with multiple threads in the x64 edition.
* Fixed inability to open files in certain GZ archives more than once while the evidence object is open.
* Fixed a rare exception error that could occur at the beginning the “examining files” phase of volume snapshot refinement in Ext* file systems.
* Fixed an error that could prevent storage of performance enhancing image metadata in some rare configurations.
* Fixed an error in carving of TIFF files.
* Fixed a problem with white text on white background in the directory browser that could occur when using conditional cell coloring.
* For some columns the FlexFilters never returned a result. That was fixed.
* When naming recovered/copied files after a selected column, the extension of the current filename in the volume snapshot is now no longer appended to the alternative name.
* Several minor improvements.设置中文步骤: 打开应用软件—点击帮助菜单栏(Help)—-(设置)Setup—-选择中文—完成设置官网:官网下载地址:


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