UltraEdit v25.20.0.88 x86/x64 Win/Mac中英文正式注册版-文本编辑器

UltraEdit v25.20.0.88 x86/x64 Win/Mac中英文正式注册版-文本编辑器

想要取代记事本或正在寻找一款强大的文本编辑器?UltraEdit 正是您需要的产品。UltraEdit 功能全面,使用方便,是理想的文本、十六进制、HTML、PHP、Java、Javascript、Perl 和程序编辑器。UltraEdit 拥有将近 2,000,000 个用户,销量居全世界第一,是最强大的一款超值文本编辑器!

它是多面手和易使用的。 UltraEdit为输入,编辑文本和代码特别地设计, UltraEdit支持配置高亮语法和几乎所有编程语言的代码结构。它清楚的布局和强大的项目和工作区功能,它可能处理复杂和高深的软件开发项目。 尽管UltraEdit有广泛的功能, UltraEdit从未感到压抑。 定制,处理超出4GB文件是灵活和容易的,并且优美的用户界面提供容易进入的大部分重要选项。

UltraEdit v25.20.0.88 x86/x64 Win/Mac中英文正式注册版-文本编辑器

UltraEdit横跨各个行业的使用,从专业作家、研究员和新闻工作者到高级程序员,数据库管理人和网络开发商。 由于它能同时处理多个文件,大文件处理,强大的搜索/查找/替换功能,拼写检查通用性等等。数以万计的人使用UltraEdit作为强大的windows 笔记本替换,更多的人使用它作为文本编辑器。


    • 代码折叠
    • 支持在所有 32 位 Windows 平台上进行 64 位文件处理(标准)。
    • Unicode 支持
    • 基于磁盘的文本编辑和大文件处理 – 支持超过 4GB 的文件,即使是数兆字节的文件也只占用极少的内存
    • 在所有搜索操作(查找、替换、在文件中查找、在文件中替换)中,支持多行查找和替换对话框
    • 带有 100,000 个单词的拼写检查器,支持的语种包括英语(美国)、英语(英国)、荷兰语、芬兰语、法语、德语、匈牙利语、意大利语、西班牙语和瑞典语
    • 语法加亮 – 可配置,对 C/C++、VB、HTML、Java 和 Perl 作了预配置,并带有特殊选项用于 FORTRAN 和 LaTex。多个词语文件可供下载
    • 内置 FTP 客户端以访问 FTP 服务器,可设置多个账户,并自动登录和保存。(仅 32 位)包括 SFTP(SSH2)支持
    • SSH/Telnet 窗口
    • 方案/工作区支持
    • 环境选择器 – 提供预定义的或用户创建的编辑“环境”,能记住 UltraEdit 的所有可停靠窗口、工具栏等的状态,方便用户使用。
    • 集成脚本语言以自动执行任务
    • 可配置键盘映射
    • 列/块模式编辑
    • 十六进制编辑器可以编辑任何二进制文件,并显示二进制和 ASCII 视图
    • 命名的模板
    • HTML 工具栏,对常用的 HTML 功能作了预配置
    • 网络搜索工具栏:高亮显示文本并单击网络搜索工具栏按钮,从编辑器内启动搜索加亮词语
    • Google 搜索
    • Yahoo 搜索
    • Wikipedia
    • Dictionary.com
    • Thesaurus.com
    • Whois
    • Network Solutions Whois
    • PHP.net 搜索
    • cplusplus.com 搜索
    • MSDN 在线搜索
    • 文件加密/解密
    • 使用自己的密钥加密敏感的源代码文件
    • 与 UltraSentry 集成(可选)以安全地销毁原始未加密文件
    • 仅在 UltraEdit 内解密文件
    • 与 UltraSentry 集成,以安全删除 UltraEdit 临时文件。
    • 支持多字节和集成的 IME

UltraEdit v25.20.0.88 x86/x64 Win/Mac中英文正式注册版-文本编辑器

UltraEdit v25.20.0.88 x86/x64 Win/Mac中英文正式注册版-文本编辑器

UltraEdit v25.20 Changes (2018-09-18)

  • Markdown support
    • Preview Markdown files (via Coding » Live preview or Browser view)
    • Preview is compatible with GitHub Flavored Markdown (GFM)
    • Select different styles for Markdown rendering (or add your own)
    • Special Markdown syntax highlighting (with new MARKDOWN_LANG) language marker
    • Support for embedded HTML highlighting
  • Live HTML preview
    • Split window with code view and browser view
    • Code changes (saved and unsaved) are automatically updated in browser view
    • Position sync: Double-click on element in preview to jump to its location in source
    • Configure under Advanced » Settings » Editor » XML / HTML / Markdown
    • Updated HTML rendering component to support modern HTML / CSS / JS
    • Added support for copying (via Ctrl + C) selected text
  • Save state
    • Close UltraEdit without being prompted to save anything, then pick up where you left off – unsaved changes are restored
    • Works for local, network, FTP, and even unsaved “Edit” files
    • Prefer prompts to save? Disable this feature under Advanced » Settings » File handling » Session options
  • Close unsaved Edit files with no prompt to save
    • This optional feature can be set under Advanced » Settings » File handling » Session options
  • Improved file tab handling on startup
  • Changed default temporary file location
  • Many fixes and internal improvements

UltraEdit v25.10 Changes (2018-06-07)

  • Code folding enhancements
    • “Peek” at folded code (hover over “…” to see preview of collapsed text in a tooltip)
    • Ctrl + Click on folding node to expand / collapse all sub-nodes of that node
    • Alt + Click on folding node to expand / collapse all folding nodes in the active file
    • Expand / collapse code from any line within folding section (not just first line)
  • Full Unicode support in wordfiles
    • Create wordfiles containing Unicode characters
    • Wordfiles can be saved as ANSI, UTF-8, or UTF-16, with or without BOM
    • Use Unicode characters in keywords, comment characters, indent/unindent strings, brace matching, more…
  • New “/Word Select Include” wordfiles setting for overriding delimiters for navigating / selecting
    • Allows you to set override default delimiters on a per-language basis
    • For example, /Word Select Include = $ would cause the “$” symbol to be included when double-clicking a word to select
    • This would also cause Ctrl + Left / Right Arrow to skip “$” (instead of stopping on it)
  • Delimiter based sort
    • Specify delimiter to sort by field (instead of specific column numbers)
    • Makes IP address sort possible
  • Faster brace / tag matching in source with very long lines
  • “Filter on selection” switches to “Clear filter” when toggled on

UltraEdit v25.00 Changes (2018-03-12)

  • Collapsible Find in Files results for output window (per file)
  • Find in files results highlighting in output window
    • Highlighting for matches, file path / name, line number, text, and more
    • Modify colors in new “Output” tab in theme manager
  • New spell checker based on Windows API
    • Replaces Aspell on Windows 8.1 and later (Windows 7 will still use Aspell)
    • Supports all encodings, including Unicode formats
    • Language support based upon installed languages on Windows
    • Supports filters for strings, comments, HTML, and XML
  • Bookmark enhancements
    • New bookmark gutter (right side of line numbers)
    • Ability to click in bookmark gutter to toggle bookmarks
    • Access special bookmark context menu by right-clicking bookmark gutter
    • Optionally disable bookmark gutter
  • New “Open folder” option in Explorer context menu
    • Selected folder set as root in file view “Explorer” pane
    • Selected folder set as “Find in files” and “File open” default directories
  • Internally refactored UTF-8 handling
    • Greatly improved editing for multi-byte ANSI formats (mostly Asian fonts / scripts)
    • Better display of non-Latin characters in UTF-8 files
    • Better handling of column editing with special characters in UTF-8 files
    • UTF-8 to UTF-16 conversion in memory – avoids conversion of temp file (or file on disk if temp files disabled)
  • New “Filter on selection” in Home tab to show only lines in file containing selected text
  • Ability to add macros or scripts to toolbar, ribbon, or context menu
  • Key mapping, toolbar / ribbon support for “Save and upload to server” for FTP-linked files
  • New “Automatically upload saved files” option to FTP-linked folder context menu (Project tab)
  • Ability to customize tags inserted by HTML toolbar buttons
  • Ability to set output encoding for user tools (ANSI, UTF-8, or UTF-16)
  • Better folder pickers for Find in Files, projects, etc.
  • Much more responsive XML / JSON manager trees, especially with large structures and data
  • Greatly improved performance for files opened from slow network or VPN
  • Other minor fixes, improvements, and enhancements

官网地址:  https://www.ultraedit.com/

官网更新记录: https://www.ultraedit.com/products/ultraedit/latest-changes.html



x86:  https://downloads.ultraedit.com/main/ue/win/ue_chinese.exe

x64:  https://downloads.ultraedit.com/main/ue/win/ue_chinese_64.exe


x86:  https://downloads.ultraedit.com/main/ue/win/ue_english.exe

x64:  https://downloads.ultraedit.com/main/ue/win/ue_english_64.exe

Mac版: https://downloads.ultraedit.com/main/ue/mac/UltraEdit_16.10.0.22.dmg

UltraEdit软件安装激活高清视频教程: https://www.unyoo.com/854.html

Download 皮皮网盘:IDM.UltraEdit.
Download 城通网盘:IDM.UltraEdit.

Download 皮皮网盘:IDM.UltraEdit.
Download 皮皮网盘:IDM.UltraEdit.

Download 城通网盘:IDM.UltraEdit.
Download 城通网盘:IDM.UltraEdit.

Mac版+注册机:http://pan.baidu.com/s/1bNNGXg 密码:5ngc


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